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3 02.2020

The impact of e-commerce on the warehousing industry


The role of e-commerce has been growing in the entire industry as well as in the warehousing business. It is estimated that during the upcoming year the scope of the delivering parcels from the Internet shops will increase by 70%. Alongside with the development of the e-commerce, the prices of [...]

28 01.2020

Avilda UAB about its solution for warehouse processes


UAB Avilda presents its innovative program dedicated to handling aviERP Warehouse Expert warehouse processes, which you will be able to get to know better at IntraMag Poland. The solutions implemented in the software allow for: reducing operating costs increasing warehouse throughput increasing customer satisfaction providing expansion opportunities More details in [...]

18 11.2019

Safety and the protection of work in the warehouse


Safety in the warehouse is the essential issue for the management and the owners of the warehouses and the industrial halls. Every procedures connected with maintaining extreme caution must be obeyed in order to avoiding the accident during the work. In addition, it is important to remember how crucial is [...]

11 10.2019

AGV robots and theirs functionality


Role of AGV robots AGV robots have become very popular recently as an intralogistics solutions in warehouses or logistics centers. Best way is to refer to them as mobile, unmanned robots that move along a designated path to transport various cargos. A great facilitation for people working with this type [...]

27 08.2019

International Intralogistics, Warehousing and Supply Chain Exhibition – IntraMag Poland will take place for the first time


International Exhibition IntraMag Poland is a new business show dedicated to internal logistics, new technologies in supply chain managements and security in warehouse. For the first time, exhibitors will have an opportunity to enable proffesionals involved in intralogitics to get acquainted with the new market novelties that covers management of [...]